Welcome to Nothing is Black or White!

NIBOW is a blog (vlog-linked) written by me, a brown child of the earth, scribbling away my passions - fashion, politics and media.

NIBOW is a South Arican-based politics and style (and sometimes a little more!) blog that aims to deliver inspiration through activism and social change incorporated into daily life. Yes, really!

Sometimes I'll need your voices to help me fight against the odds. I believe in youth, and I believe in raising your voice. I truly hope that through my blog posts and vlogs, you see and believe that you're the change in the world, whether it be the beauty inside you, confidence you achieve through style, or through education and learning.

Thank you to my readers, the people who inspire me daily to strive for what I love, and thank you to my future NIBOWS!

- xxx

Zaahira Y'elena

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