Saturday, 13 September 2014

Winter, won't you stay?

I hate sunlight and any season or weather associated with it, and I'll sound it from ice-topped mountains whilst possibly wearing a onesie.

Sadly, the time of pollen, sunburn and crap has arrived. I'm pretty bleak writing about this, it really brings me no joy. 

There are a few who side with me, but I imagine most of you think I'm pretty bonkers (I am, actually). Those of us who prefer winter are often perceived as the unsocial bunch who revel in our own company and loneliness. That's bullshit and you're welcome at my place for tea, yeah?

Anyway, today I was judging at the Ahmed Kathrada Foundation Youth Speech Contest. The drive to Lenasia was long and too hot for a jacket, so I saved my skin with a draped scarf around my shoulders, and kept my floppy hat in check. See the deets and pics below and drop me a comment! I didn't crop any pictures because like.. Spring and stuff  (Idk).

Here's the OOTD deal:

Jeans: Cotton On (Boyfriend jeans)

Shoes: Foschini

Hat: Forever New

Necklace: Vintage Afghan necklace (belonged to my gran)

Tank top: Nicci Boutiques 

Scarf: Mr Price

Are you enjoying Spring? Tell me why and I'll try looking for those reasons as well!

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