Monday, 8 September 2014

Paris and... Nicci?

I'm sure I don't have to introduce you to the countless boutiques that are Nicci. You'll find them in almost every major shopping centre, their feminine-designed name headlining their boutiques.

So it comes as no surprise that when they launch new ranges and new stores, they welcome the public and invite every blogger they know to come and enjoy the fun, fashion and goodies.

Nicci Boutiques recently launched their summer 2014 range at their Hyde Park store and well, my twitter and instagram feed was all things Nicci for the next few days (see pics below)! Nicci's launches are inviting and enjoyable with their attentive and amazing treats! At the launch, a Froyo bar was available, as well as goodie bags for attendees, including lots of candy and gifts. You can imagine that the who's who of the bloggersphere were there, a thing that Nicci never ceases to show. They always invite bloggers to their events, even the newbies who show interest in the store! Some visitors enjoyed massages outside the launch, some arrived early and couldn't get enough of the denim and blue-infused items, bright orange prints, and soft pastel pink ranges, and some waited till things had calmed down to enjoy the store.

I'm not a lover of summer although I love prints, cottons and colours. I can't help hating the sun, but I don't hate clothing, so I choose to enjoy them as much as possible till I can pile on my (very awesome and chic, not long-johns and spence-like clothing, hehe!) layers in winter.

My favourite items from their launch are their summer-inspired sneakers, denims and blue prints, and printed jumpsuits. I've recently been super into jumpsuits, and every girl needs a pair of sneakers - girly or not. Besides, these are perfect (see pics below) for the girly girls out there, they're printed on and have a white lace finish atop the printing. As for denims, I'm sure you've seen Rihanna and Beyonce (no, not Katy Perry's crazy denim ensemble at the VMA's) sporting denim skirts and jackets all over the place. Yes yes, they're coming back.

All in all, Nicci is one of South Africa's most well-known boutiques, with stores spanning throughout the country. Find one close to you and experience their service and products for yourself!

Nicci has also just returned from a trip to Paris so they can stock your winter 2015 closets with all things le classique. Paris and Nicci. So Hilton, so fashionable, so chic.

Nicci are launching their summer range at the V and A Waterfront Store today (10 September) from 9am-6pm, so if you're in Cape Town, you know where to go!

Don't forget to keep up with their social media and you could be attending their launches as well! I hope to see some of you at JHB events!

Instagram: @NicciBoutiques
Twitter: @NicciBoutiques

- Zaahira Y'elena

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