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Following the finale of season 2 of Devious Maids, fans were left on edge and dropped into the unknown world of will-or-wont-this-continue. It's often that series are discontinued after the first and second seasons, so we all, including the stars, held high hopes for a continuation of the series. Further worry was inflicted when the lead stars began picking up other television roles and opportunities.

But lo and behold, Dania Ramirez (Rosie Falta), Roselyn Sanchez (Carmen Luna) and Edy Ganem (Valentina Diaz) burst out onto Instagram 30 minutes ago with the amazing news that the series WILL BE RENEWED FOR A THIRD SEASON!

See below for their exciting pictures at the news of the series renewal!

I'm happy to announce that I'm the very first person to officially write about the series renewal! Blogging achievement; take that major news and media sources, ha!.

Lifetime have yet to officially announce the return of the show or reveal any spoilers, but we've all got our own theories!

Season 2 left us hanging on for dear life (literally), so let's br-br-break it down.

In the finale, a shooting occurs outside the church where Rosie and Spence Westmore marry. The bullet shot was intended for Valentina and shot by Ty,  Spence's psychologically unstable nephew and jewellery-thieving gang member.

A curveball whacks us in the face as Ernesto Falta, Rosie's husband, is revealed to be alive just as vows are exchanged. Eek, so many loose ends! Miguel's adoption by Spence, and Rosie's role as an actual maid lay hanging in the clouds for now. Spence's ex-wife isn't seen much in the last few episodes and their son Tucker's living situation also remains unanswered. 

Ethan, played by Collin Woodell,  who's pale - skinned, blue-eyed charm left some of us gasping and others in a love - hate relationship with him, exited the show as the leader of the jewellery-thieving gang and is due to star as a werewolf in the second season of The Originals, releasing this October. I think he'd look pretty sexy as part of a pack, but I'm Team Klaus.

Tony Bashara, played by Dominic Adams (with whom I interacted with over the last month in a situation I'm not too proud of), isn't expected to be seen in season 3 due to his affair with Evelyn Powell being concluded. I'll definitely miss his Middle Eastern vibes. DAT BOD THO?!

Valentina planned to leave Beverly Hills with Remi but who knows what's to follow following the shooting? Will she head off to begin her career in fashion with Remi at her side or will she die as a result of the shooting? I'm hanging on for the former - I adore Valentina!

Remi, played by Drew Van Acker, can also be seen in popular series Pretty Little Liars, so look out for him there!

Zoila Diaz,  played by Judy Reyes,  is in demand by both her ex-husband Pablo and boyfriend Javier. The nail biter finale included a further battle trench being drawn between the two men with Zoila finding out that she's pregnant! I suppose fans will be torn between hoping who's the father,  and I'm definitely on Team Javier!

Genevieve Delatour's health remains in the midst as no kidney donors have been found. She seemingly makes peace with her situation towards the end of the season but can she really deal with it, being the diva (kind hearted, but diva nonetheless) that she is? 

Evelyn and Adrian Powell's relationship seemed to have overcome crazy obstacles in both season 1 and 2. We're left wondering whether their relationship will see betterment with episodes to come or have they proven their strangely competitive relationship to be ever-strained and constantly confusing? 

Carmen Luna,  played by the multi-talented Roselyn Sanchez,  has an awkwardly floating role in season 2 but doesn't fail to grip the audience with her self loving personality. Her music career hasn't taken off and she was fired as a maid, so her future role is quite unknown! Roselyn has also just released a single with Flo Rida as well as performed at the MTV Video Music Awards with the Flo himself.

As for the lead character, Marisol, played by former Ugly Betty star Ana Ortiz,  her husband Nicolas Deering admits to having killed the Powell's son Barratt in an accident, and the audience was left waiting to find out if he'll be turning himself into the police or not, and whether the Deerings will remain married. I didn't particularly take a liking to him and I'm more interested in the other characters,  unfortunately!

All in all, I'm the happiest to hear that the series is being renewed for a third season.

I've repeatedly watched the last two seasons, being an avid Desperate Housewives fan (Devious Maids is co-produced by Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria).

What are your thoughts about Devious Maids and what's got you wanting more (or not wanting more)?


- Zaahira Y'elena

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