Wednesday, 2 April 2014

From Venice, with cake.

At almost every wedding I've been to over the course of the past year, I've eaten mini cake-custard-type desserts that's left nobody with any to taste. Yes, I eat as many as I can. I love them that much (people actually keep a few aside for me).

After some deliberation with my mother, she realised that the product that had been rebranded by bakeries as "Custard Slice," was in fact, Venetian Wafer Cake, something her mother and sister always made.

My Aunt lives in Cape Town and visits a few times during the year, so I waited for her arrival, and we've made the original product!

The 'cake' is in fact a wafer biscuit that bakes for a few minutes, staying moist and soft, similar to a thin layer of cake.
They are rolled and baked, leaving a bunch of almost pizza-looking layers.

The filling is a homemade custard (YES!) of milk, vanilla, eggs, cornflour and sugar. It can be seperate into batches and coloured as per preference.
(I whisked until my hand was numb, and the custard was delicious)

The layers are then stacked and finished off with a crushed layer of wafer, or a layer of custard, topped with crème rossetes or fruit.

Commercially-produced Venetian Wafer Cake, ie: "Custard Slice," is made with a much thinner layer of custard, and the wafer is often substituted for a thin layer of cake.

The Venetian Wafer Cake is my favourite cake, and I love the fact that you can incorporate your creativity with colours and toppings into the cake.

Try it out and let me know what you think!
(Orders for a Venetian Wafer Cake are taken - contact for more info)

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Pure Pureology

Last year, I modelled for Redken at their Blackout show in Johannesburg, where models were styled at L'Oreal studios. We were gifted with a Pureology set of products on the day of the show, which I've been using regularly.

Pureology is a hair care and styling manufacturer based in New York. It is now classified under L'Oreal's professional products division.

Apart from the fact that the products smell and feel absolutely heavenly, I've seen a huge difference in my hair.

I have super straight hair and my hair grows quickly. If I'm under a lot of stress, my hair falls out a lot, which stresses me out further (it's a sad cycle)! Before I started using Pureology, I considered using hair supplements, but I haven't had to since using my new products!

The shampoo and conditioner has been keeping my hair shiny and thick, and I've noticed less hair loss over the past few months.

Pureology's Precious Hair Oil is my favourite product. I use it after every shampoo and conditioning. Once a week, I use Pureology's Softening Hair Masque, sometimes combining it with oil for a deep treatment. I have NO split ends or dry roots!

Although Pureology is primarily for preserving colour-treated hair, I only underwent a colour shampoo for the show. I do not have dyed hair, but the product keeps my hair the shiny black that I love!

I love my Pureology products, and I'll be trying out other treatment products soon!

Have you guys used Pureology products? What do you think?