Tuesday, 17 December 2013

In state, in State.

For three days following his passing, the body of Nelson Mandela was placed in state for viewing at the Union Buildings in Pretoria. I would like to believe it to be an act of having offered the public a chance to meet the great legend, despite circumstance, rather than a parade of some sort.

However, on the second day of viewing, a picture of Mandela's body was taken at the display by a viewer. Unfortunately, like every other unmatched area, item, or in this case, irreplaceable human body, no pictures are allowed at a secure public viewing, and viewers were given an opportunity to view the body in a filing manner, simply walking passed the body to pay respects.

A person took a photo and it instantly went viral, but the commentary and disapproval by majority of the public made me realise that just like Mandela had faith in the majority (whom people perceived as mere slaves of colour), so should I.

And to the attention-hungry hyena,

Really? Did you think Twitter would die over it in your support? Facebook? Instagram? The world? No. We're still talking about about what an ass you are.

'Respect' - learn it.