Saturday, 23 June 2012


I love a girl. Well, yes, I love her.

Debatable as to whether you can love someone who you’ve never met, never had a full conversation with and only just follow on twitter, but just like challenging social practice, I guess this is a form of challenge too.

I suppose what I love most is her eyes, then probably her sarcasm- maybe the sarcasm in her eyes.

She’s got the biggest eyes. They glow. Her Mom bugs her to wear eyeliner but even if she didn’t, her eyes wouldn’t be any less beautiful. Again- it’s debatable, but if you never let your mind go for a bit, then do it now and imagine. Her eyes are bright, round but almond-shaped (yes, imagine) and she seems to stare right at you when I suppose she’s just looking. I would like to see her in reality but I cannot at the moment. I live at the bottom of the earth- she is miles away. I’d like to see whether her eyes tell the same story that they do in her pictures, whether they tell of truth and a confident exterior, but of amusement, intrigue and happiness too.

Sarcasm, by book, is the use of irony to mock or convey attempt. Out of the book and on social networks, its amusement through making the intended victim the subject/object of mockery. However, there are two lines that are drawn- the one where if crossed, you are judged immensely; and the one where if crossed, well, you’re an idiot and you kill rabbits for fun. She crosses the one and leaves the other. She doesn’t really know it, but I do. She knows the art, and I guess that’s all to sarcasm- knowing how to spell it (a little) out and achieve the most reaction possible- whether agreeable or detested.

So, I see sarcasm in her eyes too. Sarcasm - pure, blunt sarcasm. The kind that you’d have to think about a comeback for if you were at the receiving end, but it makes me happy.

It makes me very happy.

Knowing that people out there understand criticism and know how to write about it makes me happy. Seeing fearless people say what they want to makes me happy. Most of all, seeing a blunt, sarcastic, food-loving, big and brown-eyed budding-journalist say the things she does makes me happy.

And I don’t even know her name.